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Shangpree Spa in Seoul

Shangpree Spa in Chungdam Beauty BemusedShangpree Spa in Seoul is cherished by many beauty enthusiasts and Korean celebrities alike. Shangpree has been featured in Vogue, Forbes, and New York Times as the spa to visit in Seoul! With several CIDESCO National Skin Care Specialist Competition awards under their belt, Shangpree boasts over 27 years of know-how and experience in the skin care and spa industry. They take a holistic approach to face and body therapies with a personalized service that integrate European and Asian healing treatments. All Shangpree estheticians are intensely trained for at least three years before working on clients.

Shangpree Cheongdam

A while back I had the pleasure of receiving a complimentary facial at a Shangpree Spa in Seoul. This wasn’t a sponsored treatment per se as it didn’t come with obligations for a blog review. But why would I not share my Shangpree experience on the blog anyway?!

I think my expectations were a bit too high. After seeing all the wonderful press releases, reviews, and feedbacks, I imagined luxurious treatments with upscale spa atmosphere. That’s not exactly what I got…

Shangpree has six locations in Korea
Three in Seoul
  • Chungdam
  • Gangnam
  • Myeongdong
Three more in other parts of Korea
  • Suwon
  • Daejeon
  • Daegu

For addresses and phone numbers to each locations, please click HERE.

My Shangpree Experience

I chose the Chungdam location for my facial. Although I actually live closer to the Myeongdong location, most reviews I saw of Shangpree Spa has been of the Chungdam location, so I figured this must be the preferred location. The fact that Chungdam area in Seoul is known to be a luxury designer neighborhood, I envisioned a different setting than what I saw when I got there. Let’s just say that the Shangpree Spa in Chungdam isn’t located in the area of Chungdam that’s filled with luxury designer boutiques…

Shangpree Spa Chungdam

Nevertheless, it’s the actual spa service that matters, right?  Yes and no. For me, when it comes to a spa facial, the atmosphere plays a huge role. I’ll happily say that, once I was inside, the Shangpree Spa in Chungdam did encourage relaxing spa atmosphere. Albeit, more so cozy than luxury, the intimate setting still had everything that a full service spa should have. They don’t have nail services on-site, but there is a separate nail shop right next to the spa that can coordinate with your spa service.

Shangpree Spa Chungdam

Shangpree Spa in Chungdam

Shangpree Cheongdam

Shangpree Spa Chungdam Review

Shangpree Spa Chungdam Review

The Treatment

Now on to the actual treatment… I’m used to having a pre facial consultation, or at the least, fill out a form with all my face and body skin and health concerns etc… At Shangpree Spa, they don’t ask for such forms to be filled out, and the pre facial consultation was very short and somewhat vague. I’m told this was because Shangpree estheticians are trained to analyze and customize techniques and products as they clean your face and see your skin without makeup.

My friend and I both received the S-Power Treatment. As my friend is in her 20s and I’m in my 30s, we thought it would be interesting to see how the same treatment package can be adjusted to suit two very different skin type and age group.

Our treatments started with cleaning, but to my surprise there was no exfoliation or peeling procedure of any type. I asked about this later and was told that the first modeling mask assists with lifting up dead skin cells that there is no need for exfoliating/peeling procedure. I was slightly doubtful at first as I’m a firm believer of facials always starting with some type of exfoliation. Well, let’s just say that I’m now a believer of the Shangpree method! My skin felt beautifully soft and exhumed youthful glow I haven’t seen in months! And this lasted for a good couple of days.

Shangpree Spa Chungdam Review by Beautybemused

Shangpree Spa Chungdam Review by Beautybemused

The Results

As for my friend, she didn’t quite see or feel dramatic improvements as I did. We’re thinking perhaps it’s due to the fact that she’s been getting bi-weekly laser treatments prior to the facial. She did say her skin felt refreshed and soft, but overall not as impressed by the results. My happy results could’ve been effected by the fact that my skin was in very poor condition prior to the treatment. Dry, dull, rough, and etc… Mostly due to a recent trip to Phuket where I was exposed to strong sun rays daily, not to mention the dreadfully uncomfortable flights with long layovers etc… I’m sure my skin was super thirsty for the Shangpree Spa goodness I received.

I was really at awe of how my skin looked and felt the next day. To be honest, I was initially somewhat  disappointed as I was leaving the spa. I walked in ready to be impressed, but a lot of things just didn’t meet my expectations. The spa facial bed felt cramped as my bed was so close to the wall. The ampoules that were applied on my face mostly just dripped to the sides of my face and into my ears. The facial massage felt amazing but the duration felt too short. And mostly, I found the leg massager very uncomfortable. It was some type of air compression tube that were put on my legs, up to my thighs. At first, I liked it. It felt like I had blood pressure monitor cuffs on my legs. But after few minutes, I found myself unable to relax because my legs were getting squeezed too tight, not to mention the loud noise those things made! I would’ve been much happier with a manual hand massage for the legs and feet during this facial.

Ok, so back to the part about how impressed I was with my skin condition the next day… All the bits of complaints I had about not having my skin deep cleansed and/or exfoliated, and ampoules dripping all over the place etc… went out the window as I felt and saw my skin the next day! Amazing! No wonder Shangpree is an award winning spa! Their spa techniques seemed nonchalant, yet it produced results that impressed me. I’m convinced that Shangpree brand products played a role as much as the skillful estheticians. This experience has left me wanting to try Shangpree products at home.

S-Power vs. S-Energy

Shangpree S-Power treatment mainly consists of two different types of their famous modeling masks and two different ampoules chosen by the esthetician to suit your skin type and needs. This is the upgrade version of Shangpree S-Energy treatment which consists of one modeling mask and one ampoule. S-Power is priced at 230,000 won, lasting about 1.5 to 2 hours. Whereas S-Energy is 130,000 won. S-Energy treatment is Shangpree Spa’s most recommended treatment that can introduce Shangpree products and techniques without spending too much. I would recommend trying S-Energy treatment for first timers. If you enjoy the S-Energy treatment, definitely go back for S-Power for the double dosage!

Shangpree Spa Chungdam Review by Beautybemused

Check out Shangpree’s facial spa menu HERE. If you’re comfortable with reading Korean, I would recommend checking out the Korean site menu HERE as it offers more choices. The S-Power Treatment I received is not on the online menu, but you can ask for it during your consultation or when you’re booking an appointment. Type of treatment you choose prior to going in really doesn’t matter since they will customize it to you skin concerns and needs at the time of treatment. Shangpree Spa also offers various body care treatments. They all sound wonderful. I’ll have to try out their body care next time!

Is Shangpree Spa Worth The Hype?

Shangpree Spa does not disclose prices of their treatments online, nor do they share the exact procedures of different treatments. I found this slightly annoying because this leaves the hassle of calling and emailing for the prices and not knowing the details of the treatment steps beforehand. Once you are at the spa, there are Shangpree Spa books that describe each treatments in detail etc…

Shangpree Spa Chungdam Review by Beautybemused

Although my Shangpree Spa experience wasn’t as magical and luxurious as I imagined, I did, overall, enjoy the service. It’s a great way to be introduced to various Shangpree skin care products that are professionally chosen by experienced Shangpree estheticians to suit your skin.

I would recommend dropping by a Shangpree Spa after a long flight or when you skin needs that extra pick me up. But don’t restrict yourself to the Chungdam location just because it’s the most reviewed one. Pick the location that’s most convenient for you!

I’ll be trying some of the Shangpree products that were used on me during the treatment at home. I’m already impressed by Shangpree products after just trying them once at the spa so you can imagine how excited I’m about trying those goodies at right at home! I’ll share my review of the products very soon.

Visit for location details and appointments.



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