Jun 7


MAY 2017 Beauty Empties

These are beauty empties I’ve accumulated in the past few months! I’ll aim for monthly Beauty Empties posts from now on to make them short and sweet. For now, bare with me as I take you through this massive empties post!

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May 23

Shangpree Spa in Seoul

Shangpree Spa in Chungdam Beauty BemusedShangpree Spa in Seoul is cherished by many beauty enthusiasts and Korean celebrities alike. Shangpree has been featured in Vogue, Forbes, and New York Times as the spa to visit in Seoul! With several CIDESCO National Skin Care Specialist Competition awards under their belt, Shangpree boasts over 27 years of know-how and experience in the skin care and spa industry. They take a holistic approach to face and body therapies with a personalized service that integrate European and Asian healing treatments. All Shangpree estheticians are intensely trained for at least three years before working on clients. [Read more…]

Feb 13

clean and restore dirty, sticky NARS packaging

dirty sticky nars packaging case

The chic NARS matted packaging is love at first, but in time, it becomes less desirable… With all the busyness of makeup applications, comes fingerprints, powders, and other debris that sticks onto these packagings. And cleaning them is not as easy as a simple wipe. As stickiness eventually takes over the once smooth matted makeup cases (especially in humid summer climate) to attract even more debris, the initial adoration of the famed matted packaging becomes an affliction to a #NARSissist. This problem isn’t exclusive to NARS packaging; same goes for any matted or rubberized packagings of whatever makeup products. [Read more…]

Feb 4

January 2017 Beauty Empties

January 2017 Beauty Empties

Hello, my beautiful beauty lovers! I’m starting off 2017 with a new blog platform! Some of my old blogposts as well as some of your lovely comments (most which I didn’t get around to replying) accidentally got deleted due to my lack of technical skills in transitioning this blog into a new platform. Please accept my apologies! There are still some tweaking to follow for this blog, but for now, here are the beauty product empties of January 2017. [Read more…]