Beauty often bemuse us: the vast array of beauty products and fashion options can be amusing  yet perplexing. This blog aims to be a source of honest opinion about different beauty and fashion products, brands, services, and trends.

Hi, I’m Lisa, the creator of Beauty Bemused blog and You Tube channel. I started this blog back in late 2009 under My Beauty Clinic along with You Tube channel under Channelesque. Since then, both blog and You Tube channel has been consolidated into Beauty Bemused, and now here we are…
I’m currently based in Seoul, Korea, but originally from Canada where this blogging adventure first began. I’m a certified makeup artist, but do not currently work professionally in the field. I’m also an avid skin care enthusiast that’s always researching and looking for that next holy grail product!
This blog is currently under construction! It’s currently transitioning into a new design. Some comments and posts have been lost during this transition due to my lack of technical knowledge in the world of blogging! So please accept my apologies if your comments/questions got deleted!
Please feel free to email me at lisa@beautybemused.com with anything related to this blog, Beauty Bemused You Tube channel, and of course, the world of beauty!