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Massage therapy for me is not just an indulgence but more so a mind body therapy to treat real pain. Prior to moving to Korea, I used to see my regular massage therapist – who I proclaimed had hands of an angel – at least few times a month. Since being in Korea, I haven’t felt anything close to that angelic touch. I began to think perhaps it’s because I’m going to facial spas for massages, whereas back in Canada, I was a regular at a clinic with registered massage therapists. In the midst of searching for a place that specializes massage therapy rather than facials, I came across the Create Wellness Center. This place not only has two professional massage therapists, but also comes armed with two U.S. licensed chiropractors.

Create Wellness Center

The Create Wellness Center has been catering to the English speaking community in Seoul for over 15 years. They provide comprehensive holistic care ranging from chiropractic and naturopathic care as well as rehabilitation by a physiotherapist and physical therapists.  Their website has the complete list of services and staff.

Create Wellness Center Seoul

My first visit to the Create Wellness Center consisted of a chiropractic assessment with Dr. David Lee, and an hour massage with massage therapist Hyeri Oh. I received both first services complimentary in exchange for an honest review on my blog. Dr. Lee was thorough in addressing all the issues I mentioned and very detailed in examining and assessing. I’ve always had weak lower back and pretty much live with constant shoulder pains. I’ve had chiropractic assessments and treatments a couple of times in the past to deal with these issues. But this was the most thorough initial chiropractic assessment I’ve had!

We didn’t actually get to any type of chiropractic treatment during this first assessment, but Dr. Lee advised the massage therapist about my various conditions and needs.

Usually, I peep a lot about the massage techniques and pressure during a massage. But, this time, I decided to just trust in the communication between the chiropractor and the massage therapist. I think the massage pressure was a little too strong. I should’ve voiced that during the massage. I felt some aches the next day. The fact that I haven’t had a massage for close to two months, most likely contributed to some of my aches as well.

Aside from some minor body aches the next day, I can confidently say that this was one of the best massage therapy I’ve had in Seoul. The oil that was used was very accommodating to relaxing the senses. I felt like I was swooped from a chiropractor’s office and into a relaxing massage spa. If there was little bit of spa-ish music background, I could’ve dosed off feeling like I was at a Balinese massage hut!

I’ve been dealing with some on-going projects at work that’s been limiting my me time lately. But once those are done, I’ll be going back to the Create Wellness Center to sign up for combination of chiropractic and massage treatments. Dr. Lee already impressed me with his thorough assessment and informative advices. So I’m looking forward to his treatment methods.

If you are seeking holistic care in Seoul that’s English friendly, the Create Wellness Center is your answer! Check their full list of services HERE and you can inquire about pricing and appointments HERE. They are also SNS friendly via Facebook and Instagram. I’ll report back my progress once I get through multiples sessions!



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  1. August 2, 2017 / 3:24 am

    Sounds like a great experience. My hubby travels to Seoul quite often on business, so I might mention this to him. Thanks for sharing your experience. x

    Ann-Marie |