Tokidoki Cromatico Eyeshadow Palettes & Single Shadows

Tokidoki Cromatico Eyeshadow Palettes & Single Eyeshadows

These palettes are sold exclusively at Sephora for $19USD/$25CAD.
What Sephora says about them:

What it is:
A collectible eyeshadow palette that allows you to explore both your criminally cute and irresistibly edgy sides.

What it does:

Create your perfect look with four coordinated shades of purple and gray. Made with pigments that won’t fade, these shadows are also formulated with natural rice lipids and vitamin B, so they blend beautifully and hydrate the delicate eye area. There’s also a collectible charm inside that can hook on tokidoki key chains, makeup bags or anything you wish to accessorize!

This palette contains:

– Tier 1: Lid
– Tier 2: Eyeshadow and corresponding applicator
– Tier 3: Keychain charm of a tokidoki character

What it is formulated WITHOUT:

– Parabens

What I think about Tokidoki Cromatico Eyeshadow Palettes:
The packagings of these palettes are adorable. The three tiered  clear plastic palette cases are thick and looks pretty durable at first view but an edge of one the case did crack on me within few months of use. The very bottom tier contains the Tokidoki character keychain charm. After the keychain charm is removed, the bottom tier become useless empty space; without this bottom tier the thickness of palette would be half its original size, so perhaps the charm should’ve just been clipped on to the palette to be removed after purchase instead of this wasteful space for it.

tokidoki Cromatico Eyeshadow Palette – Adieu

tokidoki Cromatico Eyeshadow Palette – Bastardino


 Al Dente, Ciao Ciao, Adieu, Carina

Carina, Adieu, Ciao Ciao, Al Dente
Carina is frosty silver-ish white with chunky silver glitter, it’s flaky with a lot of fall outs and takes several swipes for the color to really show. Adieu is shimmery dark purple and Ciao Ciao is sheer raspberry-blue tone iridescent pink. Both Adieu and Ciao Ciao decently pigmented; Adieu is more pigmented than Ciao Ciao. Both are not frosty or glittery; they offer more of a sheen than shimmer. (Ciao Ciao is also available as single shadow). Al Dente is a matte black shadow with purple and pink glitters. Overall, this palette has some interesting colors with decent pigmentations (Adieu and Ciao Ciao) but the other two colors (Carina and Al Dente) were disappointing as they were pretty useless.

tokidoki Cromatico Eyeshadow Palette – Bastardino

Bastardino, Riposino, Mummetto, Carnivora
Bastardino, Riposino, Mummetto, Carnivora  

Bastardino is glittery green (and it’s also available as single eyeshadow). The color is pretty but it doesn’t apply smoothly and the grittiness of the glitters in the shadows can be felt on the skin. Riposino is shiny taupe color with frost finish. This one applies smoothly and is very well pigmented. Mummetto is a matte finish medium brown that feels really smooth and is very pigmented. Carnivora is light champagne color with shimmery/frosty finish. This color is nicely pigmented and applies smoothly. Carnivora is also available as single eyeshadow. Overall, I used this palette a lot more than the Adieu palette; probably because this palette has three nicely pigmented neutral colors that can suit various occasions and the glittery green color can be used to give pop of color to otherwise neutral eyes.

tokidoki Cromatico Eyeshadows

What Sephora says about them:

What it is:
A bright, high-impact, highly pigmented eyeshadow housed in an iconic compact design featuring tokidoki’s signature heart and crossbones.
What it does:
This super-playful, wearable, collectible shadow strikes the perfect combination of edgy and cute, in a rich, blendable formula that creates fade-proof color that pops. The shadow comes in sixteen vibrant shades and three finishes: “Matcha Matte”, “Soft Water Pearl” and “Tokyo Glitter”. The extraordinary array of colors and textures means endless possibilities for expressing your personal style.
What it is formulated WITHOUT:
– Parabens
What else you need to know:
Each stunning shadow is inspired by a tokidoki character and comes in a tokidoki-logo-shaped compact, with a heart on the outside and skull pan on the inside. These products are not tested on animals.

 Skeletrina: A bright true blue color. This is a matte finish blue color when applied on the skin but in the pan tiny shimmers are visible. This color very vibrant and long lasting but takes few swipes to apply evenly.
Savana: A frosty gold color. This color has golden glitters and flakes but does apply very smoothly on the skin. This color does have fall outs and doesn’t last long on the skin unless used with eyeshadow base.
Bulletto: A dark chocolate color with pearly/shimmery finish. There’s a slight golden undertone to this color. This color applies smoothly and evenly.
Carnivora: A light champagne color with pearly finish. This color applies evenly and smoothly.
Choco: A brown-ish bronze color with pearly finish. This color applies smoothly and evenly.
Killer Candy: A pearly royal purple color with slight blue iridescence. This color also applies smoothly and evenly but it’s not as pigmented as Choco, Carnivora, and Bulletto.
Tokidoki Cromatico Eyeshadows are $15USD each. They have rice lipids and vitamin B to help nourish the skin and most of the colors (I’ve tried) do apply smoothly. At $15USD per color, it would be wiser to get a Tokidoki eyeshadow palettes instead since you get 4 colors+ in the palettes for $19USD/$25CAD. Some of the single shadow colors can be found in palettes as well. However, with single shadows, you can choose exactly which color you want, and since it seems at least 1+ color in the palettes are doomed to suck single shadows may be a better choice.
All Tokidoki products can be purchased at
 Sephora Canada


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    wow, the pigmentation of those shadows look amazing!!

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    This is so pretty, never thought that tokidoki would actually be pigmented since it seems more fun makeup then professional.

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