Jun 7


MAY 2017 Beauty Empties

These are beauty empties I’ve accumulated in the past few months! I’ll aim for monthly Beauty Empties posts from now on to make them short and sweet. For now, bare with me as I take you through this massive empties post!

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May 23

Shangpree Spa in Seoul

Shangpree Spa in Chungdam Beauty BemusedShangpree Spa in Seoul is cherished by many beauty enthusiasts and Korean celebrities alike. Shangpree has been featured in Vogue, Forbes, and New York Times as the spa to visit in Seoul! With several CIDESCO National Skin Care Specialist Competition awards under their belt, Shangpree boasts over 27 years of know-how and experience in the skin care and spa industry. They take a holistic approach to face and body therapies with a personalized service that integrate European and Asian healing treatments. All Shangpree estheticians are intensely trained for at least three years before working on clients. [Read more…]

Apr 22

SU:M37 Secret Essence AND Secret Oil Advanced Sync Program™

SU:M37 is a K-Beauty beauty brand focused on naturally fermented ingredients. “Sum” means breathe in Korean, and 37° is the normal human body temperature. Interesting name, isn’t it?! SU:M37 is an entry level luxury brand price wise, but up to par in quality with heavy hitters in Asian luxury skin care such as SKII and Sulwhasoo. Their packaging is gorgeous! And more importantly, SU:M37 uses natural fermentation technology to its finest to produce refined and effective beauty goodness. Their star product is the Secret Essence. I’ve been meaning to try out SU:M37 Secret Essence for years, and at the end of 2016 Summer, I finally took the plunge! And in 2016 Fall, SU:M37 released the Secret Oil. So of course, I also HAD to try that too!

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Mar 7

YADAH Cosmetic Anti-T Series

Yadah Anti Trouble Bubble Cleanser and Anti-T Red Zero Spot Cream Review

I’ve been using Yadah Anti Trouble Bubble Cleanser and Anti-T Red Zero Spot Cream! The lovely people over at BB Cosmetic sent me these Yadah products to try a few months ago. I always warn companies that send review products, that I take my sweet ass time (especially for skin care products), and that there’s always a good chance I may not end up sharing a review at all if I don’t end up using the product(s) enough. And due to my current fussy skin, a lot of products I come across, I don’t end up using after patch testing or initial few tries. I can happily say that these products not only passed my initial skin sensitivity testing, but I ended up finishing both! [Read more…]